10 Ways to Make Your Writing Wish Come True in 2020

Happy New Year! And welcome to the 85K Writing Challenge.

It’s January 1, 2020, and I believe the most important thing you should be doing right now (besides writing) is wish-making. That’s right. Wish-making.


Because a wish is the seed of a dream and dreams fuel action and actions fuel reality. A “wish” is a beginning.

I’m reposting this post from 2019 because I can’t think of a better place to start the 2020 85K Writing Challenge than with a wish.

I hope you enjoy.

– Julie Valerie

What’s your writing wish?

Ever wonder how to make that wish come true?

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10 Ways to Make Your Writing Wish Come True in 2020

1. Give yourself permission to wish.

This part’s harder than you think. Many adults have forgotten the importance of making a wish, believing wish-making is nonsense; child’s play; the stuff of shooting stars and blowing out birthday candles. In 2020, permit yourself to wish. Wish often. Go on. Don’t be shy.

2. See the “you” embodied in the wish.

The thing that makes a wish magical is you. Wishes are often the embodiment of who we wish to become and what we wish to achieve or experience. We are the magic within our wish. To believe in your wish, believe in yourself.

3. Make the wish self-fulfilling.

Wishes that depend on others for them to come true leave too much to chance. If your wish is made possible by your actions, then you stand a higher chance of making your wish come true. Indeed, some wishes inherently involve others but try to frame the wish in a way that places the wish within your realm of control.

4. Ground the wish.

To increase the probability of your wish coming true, don’t frame the wish as being dependent on a supernatural force or something that is way beyond the scope of the ordinary.

While wishes connected to extraordinary circumstances do come true—people do win the lottery, but a lottery win is based on exceptional odds, random chance, and a huge dose of luck—those wishes are more difficult to obtain because the wish-maker “self” has been removed from the wish and replaced with a supernatural, against-all-odds force. Fulfillment of wishes requiring extraordinary circumstances is often a matter of chance when and if they come true.

Since we’re talking probabilities here, it might help to avoid framing a wish dependent on the extraordinary.

5. Wish in a way that’s forward-thinking.

Don’t wish backward toward things you can’t change. Saying, “I wish I didn’t waste all of last year not writing my novel,” isn’t truly a wish. It’s an expression of regret with the word “wish” thrown in. Give your wish more fire so it can ignite. Wish forward—toward an outcome you can achieve. “I wish for my novel to be written in 2020” is an example of a forward-thinking wish.

6. Right-size your wish.

Is your wish so huge it’s difficult even to begin to know where to place your energies to make that wish a reality? A slightly different concept than relying on supernatural forces, is your wish something you instinctively know will never come true? Because hey. I get it. I wish I could suit up and walk on the moon. That wish is possible, but not probable, and we’re exploring ways to make wishes come true in 2020.

Here’s an example of a wish wished in right-sized pieces: I wish to finish a novel this year. My right-sized wish is to complete the 90-Day Write cycle. After that, my next right-sized wish is to complete the 60-Day Edit cycle. Slowly, but surely, with each right-sized wish, my 2020 wish of finishing a novel will come true.

7. Visualize your wish.

Picture the moment your wish comes true. Really see it. Picture what follows after the wish has come true. This concept is what makes vision boards so powerful for so many. Visualizing your wish brings you closer to making that wish a reality because you can see it, feel it, be it.

8. Give your wish a little nudge.

Do something. Take action. Sitting around daydreaming about your wish won’t make that wish come true. You have to act. Some wishes come true overnight, but most don’t. And I’d venture to say that if you asked someone whose wish “suddenly came true overnight,” they’d tell you there was a long and winding road that led to that wish coming true “overnight.”

9. Believe your wish can come true.

Now, I know that sounds like I’m stating the obvious but there’s power behind that statement. Belief mixed with a heavy dose of optimism leads to success. Believing your wish can come true propels you to take action, and those actions lead you closer and closer to making your wish a reality.

10. Keep making wishes.

This is essential. Keep wishing. Keep believing. Make whatever it is you wish for your front and center. Never give up. Don’t stop. Don’t quit. Don’t turn your back on your wish or dismiss your wish as being invalid or not worthy, because if you do, you’ll be turning your back on yourself.

Julie Valerie

My wish for you?

A joyous, prosperous 2020 filled with writing and making your every wish come true.

Welcome to the 85K Writing Challenge. Pencils ready? Let’s do this thing.

– Julie Valerie

P.S. Friday is our first Word Count Reporting day. Aim to write ten pages between now and then. If you fall short, don’t stress. The year’s just getting started.

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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  1. I love the sentiment that wishes need a nudge from us. If we nudge every day, incredible things are possible. Best of luck to everyone beginning their exciting writing projects today!

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