It’s August 1, 2018. The start of the 60-Day Prep Cycle.

Welcome to the 60-Day Prep on the 85K Writing Challenge.

The 60-Day Prep is the third work cycle in the four-part, year-long 85K Writing Challenge.

We’ve completed the 90-Day Write (Jan-Mar) and the 60-Day Edit (May-Jun). Our focus for the next sixty days is the 60-Day Prep (Aug-Sept). What follows the 60-Day Prep? The fourth and final work cycle, the 60-Day Publish (Oct-Nov).

Of course, we’ve taken a few breaks throughout the year during our 30-Day Finish cycles. Strategically placed during the months of April, July, and December, the 30-Day Finish cycle is dedicated to completing the previous timed task cycle; preparing for the next timed task cycle; or simply, taking a break to recharge.

Increase your productivity by following an organized, consistent, systematic “workflow” throughout the year.

We start each year writing a rough draft of a novel in 90 days. We take a break in April to either finish the rough draft, get ahead on the editing, or simply, take a much-needed break. In May and June, we edit and revise for sixty days. We take a break in July to either finish the editing, get ahead on prep work, or simply, take a much-needed break. When viewed this way, the first seven months of the year (Jan-Jul) are dedicated to writing and editing.

In August and September, for sixty days, we prep to publish. In October and November, for sixty days, we explore options in publishing. We finish the year with December’s 30-Day Finish. Time to tie up loose ends, plan for the coming year, or simply, take a much-needed break to enjoy the holidays.IMAGE: Year At A Glance

About the 60-Day Prep:

During the August and September 60-Day Prep, writers work for sixty days to prep for publishing. Prepping to publish encompasses a variety of tasks, from marketing and branding, establishing an online presence, and connecting with others at industry events.

Inspired by traffic cones and construction sites, content for the 60-Day Prep is color-coded orange.

A word about prepping to publish . . .

You’ll notice in our logo, we group our efforts into four main categories: write, edit, prep, and publish.

IMAGE: 85K Corporate Logo

Because we address writing during the 90-Day Write, editing during the 60-Day Edit, and publishing during the 60-Day Publish, if it’s not writing, editing, or publishing, a topic is “fair game” for the 60-Day Prep. Therefore, topics discussed during the 60-Day Prep (August and September) will be as varied as establishing a marketing plan, attending writers conferences, writing your professional bio, designing a media kit, online networking, and more.

A word about publishing . . .

Whether traditional, hybrid, or indie the path toward publishing is unique to every writer and every piece of writing. The 85K Writing Challenge encourages writers to pursue the method of publishing that is right for them, when the time is right for them, which may or may not be during the months the topic of publishing is discussed on our website.

It’s time to prep for publishing. Ready to get started?

More great content coming your way . . .

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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