60-Day Edit: Weekly Schedule of Things To Do

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It’s May 2017.

Time to start a new productivity cycle on the 85K Writing Challenge: the 60-Day Edit. Our countdown clock (see right sidebar) is set for sixty days, expiring at midnight on June 30. Our 90-Day Write materials (color-coded blue) are now set aside, making room for 60-Day Edit materials (color-coded red).

April’s 30-Day Finish is behind us.
It’s time to edit the 85,000-word novel you wrote during the 90-Day Write.

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So . . . what should you do each week of the 60-Day Edit?



Read this: Stages of Editing Explained.


Do a little goal setting this week.

  • What do you plan to accomplish during the 60-Day Edit?
  • What does your manuscript need?
  • How are you going to schedule these tasks for completion before June 30?
  • What tasks will remain after June 30 and how will you complete them?
  • Do you have or do you need people and/or resources to help you achieve your goals? If yes, make a list. Identify those resources and then secure them by week’s end if possible.


Join the conversation. The Edit Forum is now open and looking for visitors. Let’s chat.



Focus of Week Two:

Weekends-At-A-Glance Calendar for 2017 – With Suggested Edits for Busy Writers


  • suggestions for dividing and scheduling editing by task, chapter, etc.
  • importance of scheduling daily times to edit
  • sample weekend editing schedule for the 60-Day Edit


IMAGE: Calendar 2017 in vertical design.


Focus of Weeks Three through Six:

Completing all major developmental and storyline edits in preparation for line editing in Weeks Seven & Eight.


Stay tuned. More 60-Day Edit blog posts on the way . . .

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Missed the series of March 2017 Writing Classes described in this 90-Day Write cycle post?

Great news!

Recordings of these “Your Writing Coach For A Day” Bridge to Story writing classes by E.J. Runyon have been posted in our members-only Forum.

Curious? Click here: Take me to the Forum. The videos are located under the topic titled “VIDEOS TO WATCH: Your Writing Coach For A Day”

NOTE: If you’re not a member of the 85K Writing Challenge community, you’ll need to register before gaining access to the Forum. Registration takes about three seconds. Okay, maybe five.

Here’s a quick description of three videos recently added to our Forum . . .

  • Showing Versus Telling: State of Being Verbs, Short & Long Lines When Telling, and Adding Absolutes (length of video 50:45 minutes)
  • Story Elements: The Visceral, Physical and Visual (length of video 33:54 minutes)

Character: Character Arc Tools – Worksheet & Map (length of video 39:17 minutes)


See that red clock against the orange background? Know what that means? Our red 60-Day Edit cycle (May & June) is about to change to our orange 60-Day Prep cycle (August & September). Time to buckle down, push forward, and get those edits complete. Use July’s 30-Day Finish cycle if you need extra time to edit.

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Miscellaneous, Extras, and Tidbits:

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May & June 2017: Time for the 60-Day Edit.

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Pencils ready? Let’s do this thing.

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