19 Items to Check During a Social Media Audit by Kristi Tuck Austin

Top 5 Things to Do on Social Media This Month

  1. Web presence audit
  2. Research comp authors
  3. Research your audience
  4. Listen
  5. Update your social media

1. Web Presence Audit

In my professional role launching books, once I know where an author is going (read Prep for Publishing: Know Your Author Goals), I need to know an author’s current position. This month, set aside time to audit your online footprint; you’ll identify changes that need to be made as well as actions to be taken. When my company performs this audit for authors, we review social media accounts, search engine results, keywords, author websites, and more.

8 Steps to Take When Conducting a Web Presence Audit

  1. Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/Yippy* yourself.
  2. Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/Yippy your books.
  3. Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/Yippy keywords related to yourself.
  4. Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/Yippy keywords related to your books.
  5. Review each of the above topics (#1-4) one at a time, looking at public-facing details and your social media settings.
  6. Record your findings. Print the first two pages, taking time to analyze your listings, content, and placement.
  7. Make note of areas that need improvement.
  8. Establish a plan for optimizing search engine results related to you, your books, and keywords about you and your books.

*It’s important to conduct a web presence audit beyond the scope of just one search engine – Google.

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19 Items to Check During a Social Media Audit:

  1. Do you have a mission statement for your social media?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Are your accounts “on brand”? What message are you trying to communicate? Are you successful?
  4. Are you using a recent profile picture that shows your face? Does it need to be updated to match your official author photo?
  5. Are you using the correct cover photo, banners, and backgrounds?
  6. Does your bio need to be rewritten or updated?
  7. Do you need to update–or add–text in your description fields? Be sure to check the About section of your Facebook Page and enter descriptions for each of your Pinterest boards.
  8. Are the links to your website current?
  9. Do you have an optimized landing page? Are you linking to it?
  10. What is your follower count at this moment in time across each platform?
  11. Are you engaging with people on this account? Is this engagement authentic and meaningful? Why or why not?
  12. Do you network with influencers on each of your platforms?
  13. Review account information. Is it accurate, up-to-date, and current?
  14. Who are the listed owners and admins for each account?
  15. Evaluate the level of security on your site. Block spammers, trolls, hackers.
  16. Who has passwords to your accounts?
  17. Do you have your passwords recorded in a secure, centralized place? Do you need to create a backup list of passwords should your primary list be compromised?
  18. Are your passwords the same on all accounts? Each account’s password should be unique.
  19. Are your settings optimized?In this post: 19 Items to Check During a Social Media Audit #85K90 Click To Tweet

Helpful Tip:

TIP: When conducting a social media audit, make a to-do list to help you stay organized. #85K90 Click To Tweet

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Our list of the Top 5 Things to Do on Social Media This Month Continues . . .

2. Research Comp Authors

Now that you’ve identified your comparable titles, check out how the authors of those comparable titles use their websites and social media.

3. Research your audience

Now that you’ve written down your primary and secondary audiences, it’s time to learn more about how they’re using social media and how they prefer to engage.

How to Find Your Audience on Social Media

  • View conversations comp authors are having with their readers.
  • Review comp authors’ follower lists.
  • Follow conversations readers are having in group chats and comment sections, such as Goodreads groups, Facebook groups, Twitter chats, Instagram book clubs, and in the comment sections on YouTube book reviews.
  • See who is using hashtags popular in your genre.
  • Note podcasts and book reviewers who have recently covered comp titles or comp authors.

4. Listen

Your online presence is about more than selling books; it’s about relationships. Many authors seem to forget the social in social media and that social etiquette applies online, too.

You want to prove you are a good citizen in the literary community. Just like in-person relationships, it’s important to listen. Listen more than you talk. Listen to your readers, other authors, booksellers, and influencers in the book world.

After you’ve listened for a while, you can engage with them. Be honest and authentic. Be generous, always sharing and giving more often than you’re asking for something. Don’t burn bridges or complain about the process. And continue listening.

Helpful Tip:

Record what you learn. Social listening can provide book ideas, blog content, metadata keywords, and more.

5. Update Your Social Media

This week, take what you learned from your social media audit and listening and make necessary changes to your accounts.

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I look forward to seeing you back here the second week of September when we’ll dig deeper into book marketing, author websites, newsletters, and more.

– Kristi

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