60-Day Publish: October & November 2018

That’s a wrap!

Best wishes to the writers on the 85K Writing Challenge for spending this year writing during the 90-Day Write (January – March), editing during the 60-Day Edit (May & June), prepping to publish during the 60-Day Prep (August & September), and now, pursuing their unique path toward publishing.

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For writers on the 85K Writing Challenge, the 60-Day Publish cycle is now underway.

Every October and November, for sixty days, the focus of the 85K Writing Challenge community is the publishing of that year’s 85,000 words.

Whether traditional, hybrid, indie, or micro, the path toward publishing is unique to every writer and every piece of writingThe 85K Writing Challenge encourages writers to pursue publishing when the time is right for them and when their novel is at its best which may or may not be during the months the 60-Day Publish cycle is scheduled.

Whether querying agents or hiring book cover designers and placing your book on sale, we wish you the very best during the 60-Day Publish cycle.

December is a 30-Day Finish month dedicated to finishing tasks from the previous year.

Our website will fall “quiet” for a while as we prepare for next year’s 85K Writing Challenge.

See you on January 1, 2019, for the start of a new year on the 85K Writing Challenge?

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We hope so.


Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge
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Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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