Author Tagline, Professional Bio, Effective Email

August and September: Time to prep for publishing.

Your office space is organized. Your 100-word professional bio is written.

This week, tackle other items on the 60-Day Prep list as you prepare for the next step in the 85K Writing Challenge pipeline—the 60-Day Publish cycle—happening October and November.

60-Day Prep List Continued . . .

After you’ve written a 100-word professional bio:

  1. Write a 300-word professional bio. Here’s a tip. Before you craft your bio, take a moment to determine the character or word-count limits for each of the social media platforms on which you intend to post your bio.
  2. Write a six-word (or less) author tagline. Here’s a tip. Try to capture your purpose, passion, and perspective as a writer.

Next? Focus on your email so that any correspondence you have with agents, editors, other writers, and readers is optimized.

  1. Open a dedicated email account for your business. Here’s a tip. Figure out if you want your email to be self-hosted, redirected to webmail, or supported by a third-party email provider.
  2. Optimize your email signature. Here’s a tip. Be direct and keep it short. Here’s another tip. Add a photo. Add a company logo. Add a link to your website. Add social media buttons. Add a sentence that supports your author brand.
  3. Begin planning for effective use of email marketing and list building. Here’s a tip. Develop an editorial calendar then use that calendar to guide your planning.

An author tagline, a set of professional bios written in varying lengths, and an effective infrastructure established for email communications is an excellent way to prep for the next step in your writing career.

Stay tuned for more items as we progress through the 60-Day Prep cycle.

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from the first word to the first reader.

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