Creating Your Personal Member Profile

Ready to create your Personal Member Profile?

Editing your Personal Member Profile is best done using a desktop computer as the “Edit Profile” option may not appear on certain mobile devices.

1. Go to “Member Dashboard” in the main navigation menu. In the pulldown menu, select “Member Profile Page.” Select the “settings” icon shown in the below screenshot. Select “Edit Profile.”

2. Upload photos. Add a bio. Add user tags to help others find you when they search for different topics.

3. Scroll down to add social media links.

4. Add more user tags. User tags are an important search function within the Member Directory.

Want to see this function in action? Once you’ve edited your Personal Profile and are no longer in “edit” mode, click on one of your user tags and you will be taken to a sub-directory that reveals members who also have that user tag on their Personal Profile. Pretty cool.

IMPORTANT: Remember to click the blue “Update Profile” button at the bottom to save your work.

5. Your Personal Profile also curates your contributions to the community. If you write or comment on a blog post, that content is cataloged on your Personal Profile. You can also post content to your Personal Profile “wall.”

6. Access the member email system through your Personal Profile.

7. All of your Forum conversations are cataloged for you in one convenient location on your Personal Profile, making it easy for you to keep track of your Forum content. Most are hyperlinked, allowing you to “click” and then be whisked away to that specific location in the Forum.

That’s it!

Your Personal Member Profile serves as a useful “hub” for your content while also allowing others to learn more about you and connect over common interests. Enjoy!

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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