85K Writing Challenge Reaches the End of Its First 60-Day Prep Cycle. Now what?

We’ve reached the end of another productivity cycle!

This year, the 85K Writing Challenge community wrote during the 90-Day Write (January – March), edited during the 60-Day Edit (May & June), and then prepped for publishing during the 60-Day Prep (August & September). Along the way, we used two 30-Day Finish cycles (one in April, the other in July).

Great job, writers. You’ve come a long way.
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Time to celebrate.

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Time to announce your achievements.

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Time to check this off your list:

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So now what? What happens next?

Well, for starters, we enter the 60-Day Publish cycle scheduled for October and November . . .

60-Day Publish

. . . followed by the final 30-Day Finish cycle of the year scheduled for December.

IMAGE: 30-Day Finish Logo

What happens in October and November during the 60-Day Publish?

Every October and November, for sixty days, the focus in the 85K Writing Challenge community is the publishing of that year’s 85,000 words. Whether traditional, hybrid, indie, or micro, the path toward publishing is unique to every writer and every piece of writing. The 85K Writing Challenge encourages writers to pursue publishing when the time is right for them and when their novel is at its best which may or may not be during the months the 60-Day Publish cycle is scheduled. Use this time (October and November) to begin querying agents if you’re seeking traditional publishing. Use this time to hire book cover designers and the like if you’re planning to indie pub.


In the New Year, we start the productivity cycles all over again with new novels to write beginning bright and early on January 1, 2018, with the kick-off of the 90-Day Write cycle scheduled for January, February, and March.

Here’s a peek at what a year looks like on the 85K Writing Challenge:

IMAGE: 85K Writing Challenge Year-At-A-Glance CalendarJoin us January 1, 2018?

We hope so.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Pencils ready? Let’s do this thing.

– Julie Valerie

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Miscellaneous, Extras, and Tidbits:

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