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Our goal is to write 85,000 words in 90 days every January through March. Our mission is to embrace the writing life throughout the year by advancing the practice of productive writing from the first word to the first reader.

We spend our year moving methodically through four productivity “cycles” beginning with the 90-Day Write, followed by the 60-Day Edit, the 60-Day Prep, and the 60-Day Publish. Three strategically placed 30-Day Finish cycles give balance and practicality to a busy year. Take a peek at the calendar in the right sidebar of our homepage.

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Wondering What to Do First?

Step 1: Learn more about the 85K Writing Challenge and how it got started. Get answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 2: Announce your intentions.

Step 3: Click the “Project Tracker” button in the top right corner of the site to sign up for the WriterStat BookStats™ Project Tracker, generously provided by WriterStat, our corporate sponsor. Please note: WriterStat BookStats™ and the 85K Writing Challenge are separate organizations so you will need to create a separate account with WriterStat to have access to their software.

Step 4: During the 90-Day Write cycle (Jan-Mar) mark your calendar for the Monday and Friday Word Count Reports. On Mondays, in the Forum, we report words written over the weekend (Fri-Sun). On Fridays, in the Forum, we report words written during the week (Mon-Thur). If a Monday or Friday Word Count Report day arrives and you haven’t written, simply report “zero words written” and don’t sweat it. It’s really, truly okay. Happens to all of us from time to time during the challenge. But do commit to checking in twice per week because the routine and accountability will help you a tremendous amount. Complete details about Word Count Reporting. Share your progress on social media using the #85K90 hashtag.

Step 5: Connect with the 85K Writing Challenge community on social media using the #85K90 hashtag. Like Fb.com/85K90 on Facebook. Follow @85K90 on Twitter. Join our private Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/85K90/. Connect with the community on Instagram at @85K90 using the #85K90 hashtag.

Step 6: Follow etiquette and read our policies and disclosures.

At all times, please be mindful of the topic parameters established by the 85K Writing Challenge: write, edit, prep, publish, and finish. On this website, it is not appropriate to self-promote, spam others, dispute political views, or engage in topics beyond the scope of the 85K Writing Challenge. We are seeking a supportive, efficient, highly focused, writer-centered environment. Here, it’s all about writing, editing, prepping, publishing, and finishing.

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Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from the first word to the first reader.

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