Nail your process. Nail your method, your writing practice, your habits, your workflow, your schedule, your time management. All of it.

Day 19 / Wednesday = 71 Days Left in the Challenge

Using everything you’ve done over the past two weeks to analyze how you write, when you write, who you write with, what you write, where you write, etc., decide once and for all, the precise strategy you’re going to implement to complete the 85K Writing Challenge at midnight on March 31, 2017 with 85,000 words and the discovery draft of your next novel complete.

If you’re just starting today, write at a daily pace of about 1180 words. That’s about 5 typed pages per day or about two chapters per week. Totally doable.

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Last Week: Process Week

Monday – Your “Before” Process
Tuesday – Your “During” Process
Wednesday – Your “After” Process
Thursday – Your Total Process Including Deviations 
Weekend 2 – Analyzing Your Process

This Week: Implementation Week

Monday – Exploring the Process of Others
Tuesday – Weaknesses in Your Process
Wednesday – Strengths in Your Process
Thursday – Building A Better Process – This is today’s post.
Weekend 3 – Implementing Your New Process – This is also today’s post.

Nail it.

Build a better process than the one you were using when you first started the Challenge. Implement that process over the next 71 days.

After moving through the activities and assignments of the last two weeks, you have all of the tools and information collected and at your fingertips. There’s no reason you can’t forge ahead with a solid writing process, method, and plan of attack in place. If you don’t feel confident that your methods are sound, reread some of the earlier blog posts. Commit to doing the exercises. Get a plan down on paper. Ask someone to review the plan to spot weaknesses and build strengths. Have a writer’s critique group? Rather than trade chapters at your next gathering, trade business plans. And by business plans, I mean your plan, your strategy for getting the first draft written on a tight timeline.

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IMAGE: Finish Line. Digitally Generated Image

You’re going to feel awesome when you cross the threshold into April with a rough draft complete. Imagine taking April to rest and put the finishing touches on the manuscript before the hard work of editing begins in May and June.

You can do this. I know you can.

Your Assignment:

Today, tomorrow, and over the weekend, in addition to writing and gaining words on the page, nail your process. Nail your method, your writing practice, your habits, your workflow, your schedule, your time management. All of it. Work through the blog posts and assignments of the past two weeks. Really give them some thought. Have a solid map for productivity so you won’t falter. And if you do falter, have a road map so detailed and rock solid it will help you pick yourself back up and get back to writing should illness, work and family comittments, and/or “life” interrupt between now and the end of the 90-Day Write cycle on March 31.

85,000 words. One word at a time. What’s your plan for making that happen? Do you have one?

Pencils ready? Let’s do this thing.

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Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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