Organize Your Writing Life Starting With Your Writing Space

August and September: Time to prep for publishing.

I love lists. Don’t you?

During the 60-Day Prep cycle, enjoy a series of blog posts that list items you can do to organize your writing life and prep for the next stage in your writing career.

Ready to get started?

9 Tips for organizing your desk and office

Enhance operations by “setting up shop” for increased writing efficiency.

  1. Are things piling up? Consider sorting, discarding, and filing.
  2. Loose desktop items need containing? Evaluate options for better on-desk storage.
  3. Messy drawers? Tame the madness and stretch capacity by installing a compartmentalized drawer organizer.
  4. Constantly stretching, standing, and moving to get things? If it’s essential, keep it close. Customize your workspace so that items you need every day are within reach and items used less often are stored at a distance that’s just beyond arm’s reach.
  5. Feeling scattered and chaotic? Group items according to purpose. Pens, pencils, paperclips, tape. Notebooks, journals, paper.
  6. Suffer from physical ailments? Assess furniture placement, equipment, and technology. Would your desk be better positioned beneath the window to take advantage of the natural light? Chair comfortable? Monitor at the appropriate height?
  7. Does it work? Pens out of ink? Chuck ’em. Printer broken? Fix it.
  8. Wish you had a larger desk? Extend your workspace by using the wall. Hang a corkboard, calendar, and storage containers. Walls are great places for planning and brainstorming. Use the wall to “think out loud” with Post-it Notes and index cards.
  9. Want to tame electric cord tangle? Corral computer, phone, printer, and lamp cords by feeding them either behind your desk or through a hole in your desktop. Store excess length in a coated wire basket mounted to the underside of your desk, threading the “tails” of the cords into a power-surge protector strip.

Next up?

A list of things to include when writing a 100-word professional bio.

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Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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  1. Using wall space is my favorite tip from your list; I find it a big help to get clutter off the horizontal surfaces. Ikea make a magnetic spice rack which I have beside my desk – it holds clips and other bits and bobs instead of basil & oregano 😉

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