Readers want to: Solve a puzzle. Figure out why. Gain a better understanding.

DAY 4 / Wednesday = 86 Days Left in the Challenge

Storytelling is not simply a telling or retelling of events. Storytelling is about choosing, linking, and building intense moments in the human experience. Readers want to feel. They want to live inside the characters and story world. Readers want to solve a puzzle, figure out why, and gain a better understanding of what it means to be human. To be alive.

Intense moments in the human experience . . .

  1. Which moments in your characters’ lives will you choose?
  2. How will you link those moments together?
  3. How will you build those moments?

Readers want to . . .

  1. Solve a puzzle.
  2. Figure out why.
  3. Gain a better understanding.




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Here’s a sneak peek at a coming 85K Coffee Break Field Trip:
This Friday morning (January 6, 2017), building on our Day 2 “Daily Open Chat” Forum question found by clicking Forum > Write > Daily Open Chat, “Are you a morning person? Or a night person?”, we’re taking a field trip to the #5amwritersclub on Twitter. (Well, okay. Perhaps the night people won’t make it. But the morning people should totally go!)

Here’s what you need to know:

85K Coffee Break Field Trip
Friday, January 6, 2017
5:00 am – wherever you are in the world, whatever time zone, show up at 5 am on Twitter
Join other writers at the #5amwritersclub hashtag on Twitter
Tweet while writing your novel, using both the #5amwritersclub and #85K90 hashtags

Don’t ‘cha just love field trips? I know I do!

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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