“Remember There’s No Such Thing as Overnight Success” 30-Day Finish #Podcast with Pauline Wiles and Julie Valerie

We’ve reached the July 30-Day Finish cycle of the 85K Writing Challenge. Congratulations! Be sure to celebrate your success in progressing this far.

For many writers, it’s hard to remember there’s no such thing as overnight success and that’s the topic of today’s podcast with Pauline Wiles and Julie Valerie.

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NOTE: In this podcast, Julie refers to her pub date as November. The correct pub date is December 1, 2019.

85K Writing Challenge Podcast
Podcast Recorded: July 2019
Length: 20:35
Intro & Outro Music: “Coming Up Roses” by Tangerine


About Pauline Wiles

Pauline Wiles is the author of three light-hearted novels as well as Indie With Ease, which helps self-published authors conquer stress. She believes pragmatic self-care is the foundation of a long and happy writing career. Her own version of this includes plentiful tea, cake, and running. Get more tips on purposeful productivity for writers and a free mini-course, Focus for Writers, at paulinewiles.com/writers.

About Julie Valerie

Founder of the 85K Writing Challenge, Julie Valerie writes humorous women’s fiction and is developing a series set in the Village of Primm. Her first novel, HOLLY BANKS FULL OF ANGST, was sold to Lake Union, a commercial women’s fiction imprint of Amazon publishing as part of a 2-book deal and will be published December 1, 2019. Visit Julie Valerie’s author website at julievalerie.com. Never miss an update by subscribing to Julie’s once-monthly author newsletter. Twitter @Julie_Valerie. Facebook Author Page fb.com/JulieValerieAuthor/. Instagram @julievalerieauthor. Pinterest @julie_valerie.

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from the first word to the first reader.

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