What have you set? How will you make it stick? When will you accomplish it?

DAY 3 / Tuesday = 87 Days Left in the Challenge

“I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.”  – Pearl S. Buck, writer



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Today, we continue integrating the “set, stick, accomplish” concept introduced on Day 2. What have you set? How will you make it stick? When will you accomplish it?

Day 3 Assignments

1. Write at least five pages today. That’s 1250 words. It can be horrible writing, just move the story forward. Get it started. Jump in.

2. Forum Assignment – Genre Tribe
Spark some conversation in your Genre Tribe. Introduce yourself. Ask a question. Are you the first to arrive in your Genre Tribe? Know any online writers in your genre? Invite them to the website. Talk books. Talk technique. Talk about the conventions used in your genre. Genre Tribes are a support tool designed to give you customized attention within your genre and your corner of the writing world. Let’s get them up and running. Note: You are welcome to join as many genre tribes as you like. Many writers write in more than one genre, and many writers cross genre boundaries. (Directions for navigating to the Forum area are included at the bottom of this Day 3 blog post.)

3. Forum Assignment – Monday Word Count Report
Navigate to yesterday’s “Monday Word Count Report” found in the “Write” Forum. If you haven’t done so already, click on yesterday’s date (Monday, January 2, 2017) and leave your word count report – even if your report is “zero words written.” Accountability is an important feature of the 85K Writing Challenge. Our next word count report is this Friday. (Directions for navigating to the members-only Forum area are included at the bottom of this Day 3 blog post.)

4. If you haven’t done so already, complete Day 2’s 85K Coffee Break and Forum Question.

85konlinechat-715x400Tip: See this picture? You’ll find this picture at the bottom of our homepage in the “More Ways to Connect” box. 85K Coffee Break content will always be found there.
How to navigate to topics in the members-only Forum:

Note: Forums are for members only, so if you haven’t registered for the 85K Writing Challenge, you’ll need to do that first, before gaining access to our Forums. Registering for the 85K Writing Challenge is free and gives you full membership rights and access to this website.

Also remember that no matter your location on the site, clicking the “home” icon at the top left of your screen will bring you back to the homepage. The home icon is the easiest method of navigation because it always brings you right back to where you started.

1. There are two ways to access the Forums.

In the top, black, horizontal menu bar on the homepage, click “Forum.”


Look for the Forum picture in the middle of our home page in what has been labeled our “Community” section.


2. After you’ve clicked into the Forums, you will notice the first three listed entries are: “Welcome to the Forum” (this contains general, basic information about the Forum), “Genre Tribes” (this contains conversations organized by writing genre), and “Write” (we will use the “Write” Forum during the 90-Day Write cycle. In May and June, when we move into editing, we will use the “Edit” Forum, and so on). All of our discussions during the first three months of the year will be in one of these three areas.

3. To complete your first Forum Assignment, click “Genre Tribes.” There, you will find 75 genre “topics” (Coming of Age, Upmarket Women’s Fiction, Romantic Suspense, etc.). Click on the title of the genre that best suits you, and presto. You’re inside. Read this brilliant example of a warm hello, written by writer Michelle Snively in the “Fable, Fairytale, Folklore, Legend, and similar” genre.

4. To complete your second Forum Assignment, click on the “Write” Forum area, and then click on “Monday Word Count Reports.” Presto! You’re in. Now look for the appropriate date – “Monday, January 2, 2017.” Click on that, and then report your word count.

Note: Our next word count report is this Friday, January 6, 2017. When the time comes, repeat these steps, but click on “Friday Word Count Reports.”

5. To complete Day 2’s Forum question, click “Forum,” “Write,” and “Daily Open Chat.” In this location, writers from all genres talk wide-ranging, writing-related topics. (Genre Tribe conversations are more narrow and specific.)

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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