Set your goal. Stick to your goal. Accomplish your goal.

DAY 2 / Monday = 88 Days Left in the Challenge


Congratulations and welcome to the many writers on the 2017 85K Writing Challenge who have made the commitment to embrace the writing life and advance the practice of productive writing from first word to first reader.

Thoughts for Day 2: There isn’t a method or prescription for writing a novel that works for everyone. Each writer must forge away at their words, carving their unique path toward completing the first “discovery” draft of a novel, placing one word in front of the other. Though our writing methods are unique, there is a method and prescription for being productive while writing a novel that we can all share. It begins with setting, sticking to, and accomplishing your goals.

Set your goal.
Stick to your goal.
Accomplish your goal.



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Day 2 Assignments
1. Write.
2. Today is Monday, a word count report day. Report your word count in the “Write” Forum under the appropriate date in the “Monday Word Count Reports” section. (Read the Day 1 blog post for complete word count reporting details.)

Day 2 85K Coffee Break
On a piece of paper or index, set a goal for this week. Write one sentence that clearly articulates how you are going to stick to your goal, and then write the date you intend to accomplish this goal. If you wish, share a snapshot of your index card with the 85K Tribe on the 85K Facebook Page, the 85K Private Facebook Group, and on Twitter using @85K90 and the #85K90 hashtag.

Day 2 Forum Question
There’s a question waiting for you in the “Write Forum > Daily Open Chat.” Are you a morning person? Or a night person?

MEMBER UPDATE FOR JANUARY 2, 2017: The WriterStat Nuwa word tracking software is now enabled on our site. WriterStat and the 85K Writing Challenge have partnered to place this software under your fingertips on the 85K Writing Challenge website. To protect the privacy of our users, the two companies do not share email and password information with each other. Therefore, you cannot use your 85K membership login to gain access to WriterStat – because 85K does not share member information with third party vendors.

Assuming you are already registered for the 85K Writing Challenge (if not, you can register here – membership is free and grants you full access to the members-only areas of this site):

1. Under “Members” in the menu bar, you must first select “My Word Tracker Invite” to set up your account with WriterStat.

2. After you have received an email from WriterStat and have received your password from them, simply select “My Word Tracker” to access your custom tracker on our site.

NOTE: In the near future, the 85K Writing Challenge and WriterStat will work to remove the WriterStat login page you see after selecting “My Word Tracker,” but for right now, during our first two weeks of launching the website, that’s how it’s functioning. Stay tuned.

For other member announcements, visit the Members Box in the community section of our homepage.

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from first word to first reader.

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