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May I ask a favor?

Will you help me say thank you to a few folks by clicking on the links and tweetables below?

I’d greatly appreciate that.

Thank you!

– Julie Valerie

WriterStat BookStats Word Tracking Software

Every year since the inception of the 85K Writing Challenge, the kind folks at WriterStat have generously provided word tracking software for participants on the 85K90. Would you be so kind to either craft your own tweet or share the below tweetable thanking WriterStat for the (free!) use of their word tracking software? We’re so fortunate to have this tool at our fingertips and now’s a great time to say thank you.

Connect with WriterStat on Twitter at @WrtrStat . Check out their suite of software for authors at WriterStat.com.

For your convenience, here’s a tweetable. As simple as a click.

Thank you, @WrtrStat, for your awesome word tracking software on the 85K Writing Challenge! #85K90 Click To Tweet

“Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge” Podcast Series – Producer J.P. (Josh) Cane

Every week for three months, Josh Cane (pen name J.P Cane) has brought us the “Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge” podcast series, providing a fun way to listen to the conversations of writers who, like you, were struggling to get words on the page during the 90-day challenge. Please visit his website to enjoy more “Working Title” podcasts with writers who are not on the 85K Writing Challenge. And while you’re at it, perhaps say thank you by picking up a copy of his debut novel, Shadows Within.

The three writers featured on Josh’s “Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge” podcast series, Traci-Anne Canada, Dave Mueller, and A.B. (Anne) Westrick, were so generous with their time, lending insights into their writing process and gracing us with their honesty, tips, tidbits, and humor.

Thank you, @jpcane @traciannecan @davemwrites and @abwestrick, for your awesome podcasts during the 85K Writing Challenge! #85K90 Click To Tweet

Private Facebook Group Moderator – Social Media Editor Janeen Kilgore

Early in January, Janeen Kilgore joined the Editorial Board of the 85K90 as a social media editor charged with fostering conversation in our private Facebook group. Since then, Janeen has worked tirelessly as the moderator of our private Facebook group found at facebook.com/groups/85K.90days/. Please pop into the group to say a quick thank you to Janeen. I would appreciate that very much as her posts helped lead the group during our journey, provoking both thought and conversation.

Are you on Facebook? Join our private Facebook group for this ongoing conversation as we switch gears to “rest and recharge,” and for many of us (like me!), put final words on the page in April, in preparation for our conversations about editing during the May/June 60-Day Edit.

Thank you, Janeen!

Thank you, Janeen Kilgore, for moderating our private Facebook group on the 85K Writing Challenge! #85K90 Click To Tweet

Social Media Editors on Twitter – Ari Meghlen and Rachel Poli

The dynamic duo of Ari Meghlen and Rachel Poli, both natural community builders and curators of fun games and writerly quotes on Twitter, have joined the Editorial Board of the 85K Writing Challenge as social media editors, creating branded social media graphics of both questions and quotes for the enjoyment of writers on the 85K90. Without them, the fun “Question Time” and “Quotes” Twitter program would not exist.

They both agreed to keep the party hopping throughout the year with questions and quotes that pair with the annual productivity cycles, so watch for more great content as we progress through the 30-Day Finish, 60-Day Edit, 60-Day Prep, and 60-Day Publish cycles.

Thank you, Ari and Rachel!

Thank you, @arimeghlen and @rpoli3, for creating great conversation on social media during the 85K Writing Challenge! #85K90 Click To Tweet
Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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