What’s Your Purpose?

It’s all about you.


This whole thing. This whole thing we call the 85K Writing Challenge. It’s about you and your hopes and your dreams and your “stick-to-it-ness” while reaching your writing goals. You can do it.



do it.

Having trouble?

Reconnect with your purpose.

Here’s how.

1. Remember why you started.

There’s a reason you’re here and not somewhere else. A reason you were drawn to the challenge to write 85,000 words in 90 days followed by a year-long productivity pipeline that culminates with your reaching your reader. If you fear you’re lacking the self-control to get it done, pause a moment to remember why you started and then reconnect with those motivations, reasons, and decisions.

  • Stay determined.
  • Make a plan.
  • Establish routines.
  • Press forward.
  • Reconnect.
  • Succeed.

2. Steer your ship.

Your life—your writing life—is within your control. Never forget that. Sure, we all have commitments, interruptions, and obligations to things and people in our world that is beyond the scope of our writing life, but most writers living out “the writing life” do so by first prioritizing their writing and then acting on it.

  • Decide you’re going to live the writing life.
  • Write.
  • Don’t make excuses.
  • Get it done.

Plain and simple.

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Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from the first word to the first reader.

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose?

  1. *This* is where I’m at and not just in my writing life. The end of 2018 kicked my butt big time, between a [new] health issue, chronic medical issues, overwhelm and a dang head-cold. Hubby and I retooled our joint business, and I opted to focus solely on my writing for at least the first quarter of 2019. Whether or not the other pet projects ever see the light of day is not a concern for me at this moment. Getting my books off the hobby shelf and onto market *is*.

    And it’s all about reminding myself *why* I do everything on my to-do list every day. Unless it’s a white-space day (nothing planned, except quality family time), if I can’t pin a purpose on it, I don’t do it.

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