Whose writing process do you admire?

Day 16 / Monday = 74 Days Left in the Challenge

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Writing during a writing challenge requires commitment, persistence, and careful attention to the many aspects of method. Last week on the 85K Writing Challenge, we took careful notes on the before, during, and after of our writing process, bringing it all together for a weekend analysis of what works and what doesn’t work.

Last Week: Process Week

Monday – Your “Before” Process
Tuesday – Your “During” Process
Wednesday – Your “After” Process
Thursday – Your Total Process Including Deviations 
Weekend 2 – Analyzing Your Process

Week 3: Implementation Week

Monday – Exploring the Process of Others – This is today’s post.
Tuesday – Weaknesses in Your Process
Wednesday – Strengths in Your Process
Thursday – Building A Better Process
Weekend 3 – Implementing Your New Process

This week, in pursuit of our goal to write 85,000 words by March 31, we advance our study of method and move toward implementing the most effective writing process we can. We start this week’s assignments by examining the process of others.

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Whose writing process do you admire?

Is there someone in your life who consistently puts more words on the page than you do? How do they do that? Do they write from an outline or “pants” their way through a draft? Do they stop the day’s writing mid-sentence, so the following day’s writing begins by picking up where the previous day’s writing left off? Would that strategy work for you? Have you tried?

Do you know a writer with a rock-solid daily writing habit? What do you suppose their writing process is and how is it different from the one you’re using? Can you adapt? Adopt the writing practice of others to help push you to your limits? Encourage you to report to the page each and every day, no matter what?

Use the information you gathered from last week’s assignments on “process” to inform your decisions about this week’s goal toward implementation.

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Do you find it difficult to write while surrounded by people and distractions? If yes, do you know a writer who thrives in such an environment? How do they do it? Do they wear headphones? Talk quietly as they write to drown out the noise? Have you asked them for any tips for writing in loud, crowded spaces? Talked writing strategy with them?

Do you know a writer who writes forward from start to finish, never looking back to edit until the entire discovery draft is on the page? How do they do that? Can you do that? Of course, you can, but you might have to step out of your comfort zone. Are you willing to try new things? Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

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This week? See what works for others. Try new things. Try someone else’s writing strategy on for size. How does it feel? Great? Awful? Somewhere in between? Leave your comfort zone. Look for discoveries.

Good luck. And hey, leave us a comment. Say hello. Let us know what you think.

What’s next in the week? Strengths and weaknesses. Followed by implementation.



  1. Write. Strive for 1250 words today or more. Best wishes! You can do it. Five typed pages.
  2. Today is a Word Count Report day. Report number of words written over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Report even if your word count is zero. Monday and Friday Word Count Reports are essential for accountability during a writing challenge. Similar to having a workout or writing buddy. Report using our members-only Forum. Go to: Forum > Write > Monday Word Count Reports and then report under the January 16 date.
  3. Try writing like someone else today. Write at 5 am before you go to work. Write at a coffee shop. Skip TV and write. Whatever you typically don’t do, do today and throughout the week. Examine how it makes you feel. Evaluate your productivity. Enjoy!

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