“Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge” Podcast – Episode 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of our new podcast series: Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge. This podcast series is produced by author Josh Cane (pen name J.P. Cane).

In this episode, it is Josh who is being interviewed.

Listen as 85K Writing Challenge co-founder, Julie Valerie, interviews Josh as he embarks on his first year on the 85K Writing Challenge.

Topics (in no particular order):

  • Josh’s concern for “keeping the pace” during the 85K Writing Challenge
  • Notes to your “future self” at the end of a writing challenge
  • Tackling distractions
  • Writing shorthand, transcribing into Scrivener
  • Discovering a rhythm and calculating pages handwritten into word count
  • Running the numbers . . . word counts per day, word counts if you start later in the challenge
  • Plans for getting back on track with life interrupts
  • Concerns for consistently keeping up the pace
  • Tips for keeping the pace
  • What drives writers to write during a writing challenge
  • A newcomer’s thoughts about reporting word counts twice per week
  • Accountability to a community versus accountability only to yourself
  • The pressures of published authors to produce for a reading audience
  • Confronting your productivity
  • Examining your writing life for strengths and lesser strengths
  • The goal of developing the discipline to write every day
  • Cultivating a writing habit


IMAGE: Podcast: Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge

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Recorded on January 3, 2018
Length: 15 minutes
Intro and outro music: “The Strategy”

Join us every Wednesday as Josh follows the journeys of 85K veterans EJ Runyon, Jeffrey McGraw, and writing duo Justine Dowsett and Murandy Damodred while chronicling his own journey as a “first timer” on the 85K Writing Challenge.

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About Josh Cane

Josh Cane (pen name J.P. Cane) is a long-time reader and first-time writer of vampire stories. His debut novel, Shadows Within, begins The Shadowless series, mostly set in his hometown of Philadelphia. He hosts a podcast on writing and enjoys supporting fellow writers. He and his wife live in Virginia.

To listen to more Working Title podcasts, visit jpcane.com. Follow Josh Cane on Twitter @jpcane. Subscribe to J.P. Cane’s newsletter.

About Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie, an avid Scrabble player who once played QWERTY on a triple word, writes humorous women’s fiction and is developing a series set in the idyllic Village of Primm. She is the co-founder of the 85K Writing Challenge and serves on the board of directors as communications chair for James River Writers, a multi-faceted non-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia, that serves as central Virginia’s literary hub.

Deepening her love of the written word, Julie earned a certificate in editing from the University of Chicago Graham School and is constantly humbled by the nuances of language and the nitty-gritty of grammar while strengthening her proficiencies in the Chicago Manual of Style. With a master’s degree in education and a certification in wilderness first aid, Julie enjoys reading, the study of wine, section hiking the Appalachian Trail, and travel.

Curious about the release of her forthcoming debut novel?

Visit julievalerie.com, or, better yet, subscribe to her once-monthly newsletter.
On Twitter: @Julie_Valerie. On Facebook: JulieValerieAuthor.

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Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

85K Writing Challenge: Embracing the writing life by advancing the practice of productive writing from the first word to the first reader.

6 thoughts on ““Working Title on the 85K Writing Challenge” Podcast – Episode 5

  1. Very much enjoyed this edition of your podcast, Josh and Julie. You mentioned writing journals. Can writing journals take away energy from the WIP? Except for extremely sparse brief jottings, I find in my own situation, that separate writing away from the work in progress isn’t helpful. Still a delightful fifteen minutes. Look forward to more.

  2. Thank you for listening to the podcast, Jeffrey. I find getting my ideas out on paper works best for me. I have favorite pens that I write with and I like the tactile element of hand, pen, paper. The pain point is when copying what I have written in the spiral book into Scrivener. One day I’ll get around to mastering dictation software, which should speed that up or replace both all together.

  3. I loved Julie’s insightful question about looking at your word counts and figuring out what this says about your writing habits, and whether there are clues here for changes you might want/need to make.

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