25 Writing Tasks You Can Perform in 15 Minutes or Less

Busy life? Too many interruptions? Wish you had more time? Having trouble finding long stretches of time to write?

Why not create a list of writing tasks you can perform when you only have 15 minutes to spare?

25 ideas to get you started:

  1. Write the centermost part of a conflict scene
  2. Write a passage of dialogue
  3. Write three book club discussion questions
  4. Create a scene summary
  5. Map a character arc identifying what takes place and when
  6. Make a list of plot points
  7. Create a timeline of events
  8. Describe your ideal reader
  9. Enrich a minor character or subplot
  10. Create a word bank of sensory words important to your story
  11. Flesh out a setting
  12. Create a character sketch
  13. Explore theme
  14. Write a 10-word pitch
  15. Create a list of things to do during your next writing session
  16. Explore backstory
  17. Write the opening three paragraphs of your next chapter
  18. Write the first three paragraphs of a one-page synopsis
  19. Describe what motivates the antagonist
  20. Explain what your main character wants and how they intend to get it
  21. Explain what your main character needs and how they intend to get it
  22. Explain what your main character must learn to grow
  23. Brainstorm ways to strengthen your inciting incident
  24. Describe the ending
  25. Explore a new idea

What would you add to this list?

Only have 15 minutes to write? A lot can be accomplished in small increments of time.

Good luck!

– Julie

About Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie, an avid Scrabble player who once played QWERTY on a triple word, writes humorous women’s fiction and is developing a series set in the Village of Primm. HOLLY BANKS FULL OF ANGST (Book 1) released December 1, 2019. Julie is the founder of the 85K Writing Challenge and serves on the board of directors for James River Writers, a multi-faceted non-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia, that serves as central Virginia’s literary hub.

Deepening her love of the written word, Julie earned a certificate in editing from the University of Chicago Graham School and is constantly humbled by the nuances of language and the nitty-gritty of grammar while strengthening her proficiencies in the Chicago Manual of Style. With a master’s degree in education and a certification in wilderness first aid, Julie enjoys reading, the study of wine, section hiking the Appalachian Trail, and travel.

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[This post by Julie Valerie was originally published in February 2019.]

Julie Valerie

Julie Valerie

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